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    Move by heart , Assessment for Think Wise LCD Arm S100


    With the popularity of the network, computer becomes anecessary both in our work and life. At the same time of getting convenience,we should worry about the heath problem that it brings. In recent years,cervical spondylosis becomes the most serious occupational disease among the office workers. The main reason is misuse the computer that cause tension andstrain on the cervical muscle, as well as degeneration of cervical disc and facetjoint. To solve this problem, 360 degree free rotating display stand was born. Now let us have a look at the features for Think Wise LCD Arm S100.



    Adopted with constant force design principle and gasspring structure adjustment solution, Think Wise LCD Arm S100 could be adjusted freely and smoothly. Streamline appearance and inner cable management make tidy and nice working environment.

    S100 has two arms, one base, one VESA plate and related accessories.


    S100 could be installed by two ways: clamp and thru hole. Original creative base installation help to solve the installation problem in the narrow space. It is easy to install with snap on head. Use hexagonal wrench to adjust the cylinder, decrease by clockwise and increase by anticlockwise. It could achieve a suitable vision angle by stretching, tilting and rotating. It could reduce the pressure on cervical vertebra from keeping a posture for a longtime by tilting up and down the monitor.


    S100 has two kind of weight loading,2-10kg &9-21kg,which could be met to the using of 98% monitors. Height range is 340mmand horizontal range is 1040mm, which offer a large activity space compared with other monitor arm.


    S100 has changed the fixed posture of traditional deskcomputer and achieve 360 degree rotation and random adjustment at a variety ofangles. Move by heart, which cater to different people’s habit. It always bringyou best visual experience. Especially for computer gaming lover, they will have a larger perspective and a more enjoyable experience.